Medium 3 years American Shelter Dog

Buck | Medium 3 years Male American Shelter Dog

Name:  Buck

Breed:  American Shelter Dog

Size:  Medium

Age:  3 years

Sex:  Male

Color: Black and White

Hi! My name is Buck. I am 3 years old and I am an American Shelter Dog. I came to the HCHS from a high kill shelter. Yes, it’s crazy those places exist. It’s pretty scary never knowing when it’s your turn. I sat in a lower kennel and just faded into the background. No one looked at me. I was on this list they call “death row”, but the HCHS stepped up to give me a chance. I’m so happy because some of my friends have not been as lucky. I am active but quiet guy. I can sit but I really need some help with learning new manners. I sat in a kennel and high kill shelters do not have training programs like the Diamond in the Ruff. I seem to do well with other other dogs with proper introductions. The staff is working to see how I am with cats. Please come see me at the HCHS, stop and even say hi. My kennel is where you can see me and I have this amazing chance now thanks to the HCHS. And please always adopt don’t shop. Too many of us are overlooked daily and some of us never make it out of a Shelter. Lots of love Buck

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